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Mold Sampling


A visual mold inspection is absolutely free with a home inspection. Laboratory sampling for mold starts at $345.00. Results are usually available within 48 hours

Molds are naturally occurring and are essential to life on earth. We are surrounded by molds indoors and out. Most molds are not dangerous in small amounts. In larger amounts, some can be dangerous to persons with respiratory sensitivities, compromised immunity, the very young and the elderly.

If no one in the household is suffering from allergic symptoms and if there are no physical indicators of past or present moisture problems, we do not recommend sampling for mold.

Media reports have often been lacking in accurate information. Some reports make much of 'toxic black mold.' Molds come in a variety of colors depending on their location and food source. Few molds are actually 'toxic' molds.

The only accurate way to determine if the molds in your home are harmless and/or in normal amounts is to do sampling and have the samples analyzed in a laboratory by a trained industrial hygienist who can identify mold by species and the level of infestation.

Many of our clients ask us to perform air sampling for mold during home inspections. We are State Licensed to do mold assessments. Comprehensive mold sampling starts at $345.00 if ordered with an inspection. Without an inspection, the costs start at $465.00.

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